Monday, January 18, 2010

What a Saturday

Saturday started out as normal as most of our Saturdays have been lately.  My youngest goes snowboarding every Saturday through a Winter Ride program and I have to have him up in Stanwood by 6:00am each Saturday.  This last weekend was his second trip up to the mountain this year.  We headed out on time, he was on the bus on time and I headed back home to get busy on the barn project with the husband.

I had to run to the barn where I board my horse first however, to groom my poor dirty horse beast and to change blankets and clean his stall.  I did all that, chatted with the ladies at the barn and headed back home.  All was still fine.

I plugged my new HTC Droid phone into the charger and MacGyver and I headed down to the barn.  The dogs had been outside already, and we wanted to get busy building the frame for the front of the stall.  Real progress and I was excited. 

I will post on the actual progress later today as some things happened that changed our course toward the end of the day. 

We set the footing in concrete and then one of the batteries for an important tool was dead.  While the battery was charging, we decided to head up to the house for some lunch. 

I then discovered my phone had a shattered screen.. and it looked like it had been stepped on.  The important piece of information here.. my phone was almost completely useless.. it was broken.  I noticed I had a couple of missed calls from Paco though and figured he was calling to check in while he was eating lunch.  When I called him back however, he said that actually he hurt himself.... and then I asked.. well what do you mean?  You hurt yourself like a cut?  He said no.... that they think his arm was broken.. but they had him in the lodge and the bus was leaving in an hour and he could ride the bus back down.. I was to pick him up at the drop off location, and the medics suggested he get seen that evening to confirm that it was broken..

There was nothing else we could do.. so we went back down to the barn and continued working until it was time for me to leave to pick up the child.

After I picked him up, we went to two medical facilites.. only to find them closed.  I ended up taking him to the E.R. in Arlington and we got pretty lucky as it was not busy...

The triage nurse took a look at his wrist after removing the make-shift bandages the medics had done and said right away.. oh it is broken all right.. he needs x-rays.  They ordered the X-Ray and we were sent back right away. 

After the X-Ray, we were waiting for the Radiologist to take a look, and a Doctor came over and asked me if I was the mom.  I said yes, and he asked me to come and talk with him away from Paco... Uh OH.. I thought.. this can not be good... and I was right.

To be continued........


small farm girl said...

AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! That's worse than any cliffhanger on tv. How could you have done this to me?
lol. I hope he is okay.

cowgirljlynn said...

Praying everything is ok.


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