Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Updates

I know that I can sometimes neglect this blog.. I assure you, it is only because life and projects and broken wrists and birthdays get in the way.

I have several update posts.. but I want to start with last weekend's pictures and updates.

Typically, my sister and the baby come over every weekend to supervise.. this was true the weekend that Paco broke the wrist.  They came over on Sunday, and this is what we had accomplished...

Lights in the tack room and the front of the stall.

house 559

This photo is the concrete footing that MacGyver put in for the stall front.

house 560

This is the footing before we cut it off.. he used a pressure treated 4X4X8 in the ground to keep it from rotting out, set in concrete and then he used regular wood joined with dowels and glue so that I could have the "look" I wanted.

house 567

This is him working on all new wiring and electric for my tack room.
I ended up with two new outlets one on each side and a light switch.. He put them all in the wall like a regular house so that none are sticking out. Yeah!!!

house 604

I apologize for the blurriness in some of the photos.. I believe it is time to take the camera in for a good cleaning. This is the frame of the front of the stall.

house 606

Here is the pile of Tongue and Groove that My lovely husband surprised me with. This will be for the side walls and eventually we will redo the back wall with this as well. We will also have the T&G on the front of the stall for a finished look.

house 609

A Better picture of the framing and wall coming together.

house 613

This is where I started to get really excited.. I can totally see it coming together now!

house 615

Here is the wall up!

house 617

The plywood is going to be on the horse side.. it is easier to replace if he decides to ruin it!

house 619

And let there be light!!!

This is where we finished up Saturday afternoon. We then moved on to clearing up the arena... and I am still pretty sore from all of that work we did from Saturday afternoon to yesterday.

We also had a birthday dinner to attend last night for my oldest son and our good friends daughter, and I still had regular chores to do.. Luckily this week.. I have a half day on Friday, so I can do even more and get that much closer to the pony being home!

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